Domec: interview with Antonio Sorrentino, CEO&Founder

Domec S.p.a is a collaborative Fintech Company active in the industry of innovative payments and digital loyalty system. Born of an entrepreneurial idea from Antonio Sorrentino, it is now an innovative SME with a turnover of EUR 3 million and 25 employees, the majority operating in the R&D center located in Potenza (Basilicata) where Domec is growing a young team of experts focused on innovation in payments and digital loyalty system.

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To define “collaborative” this company, is a way to underline her real value added: Domec works with banks and retail companies to develop the innovative solutions for Digital Engagement, Digital Loyalty, Digital CRM and Digital Distribution. Together with clients, it is possible to personalize the platform of Domec Tools and offer innovative and flexible solutions for every industry in a simple and effective way.

Retail companies and banks obtain value adding services integrating all kinds of engagement and loyalty campaigns with their own CRM, without IT impact in order to speed up their innovation process and to offer new and engaging services to their clients. “In 2018 we aspire to double our turnover becoming a ‘tech hub’ at the service of banks and retail companies to offer goods and services to a vast number of final consumer” states Sorrentino, CEO of Domec.

“Unlike other models, the Domec one has been developed starting from the client’s requirement, for example Autogrill, who tested services and platform tools and confirmed new technological solutions, activating a big number of cards. From Autogrill’s experience, we started developing the Platform Domec Tools, now able to offer innovative and flexible solutions for every industry”.

Another good example is Eataly who migrated the entire management of their Eataly Card on Domec platform, becoming able to analyze customers’ buying behavior, launch targeting marketing actions, issue targeted coupons and electronic discount vouchers and also cash back that can be spent within the Eataly network.

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With Eataly, Domec aims to approach the USA market, at the same time the company shows a lot of interest in the Austrian market whereas in Spain there are already 2 employees working in Valencia and their number is going to increase. Domec has actually been selected among more than 70 companies, to partecipate to Bankia FinTech acceleration program which started in November. “We are the only Italian company chosen and one of the three foreign ones – explains Sorrentino – these 7 months with Bankia have opened a window onto the Spanish market. It will mean having access to Spanish retail companies and to aspire to the South American market too”.

In order to enlarge his business, Sorrentino joined the Fintech District, “essential for companies like Domec that need to consolidate their market position. To be part of this district will help us to grow in terms of trust, for sure, and will make us able to face the national and international market with more credibility”

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20 Novembre 2017