How Soldo helps companies manage expenses

Soldo has recently joined the ranks of the Payments start-ups and scale-ups belonging to the Fintech District community. To better understand its business, we interviewed Founder and CEO Carlo Gualandri.

What does Soldo do and who is it aimed at?

Soldo is the leading European Spend Automation Platform, for businesses of all sizes. Beyond employee expenses and T&E, Soldo streamlines spend management for purchases, advertising, software subscriptions, e-commerce purchases, and all other company costs. From decision to allocate funds to departments and projects to the execution of outbound payments with cards or bank transfers, from the automated classification and reconciliation of transactions to the integration with accounting platforms Soldo delivers a unified and connected vision of spend across the entire organisation. Today, thousands of organizations across Europe, including small, medium and large businesses, use Soldo to manage spend the brighter way.

How has it grown in recent months?

Soldo has attracted a total of $260 million from international institutional investors including $180 million in the latest C round that will be used to increase turnover tenfold to 200 million euros in the four years after the pandemic. Soldo is expanding in Europe, where Soldo already has offices in Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland and France, and is continuously developing its platform to address and automate all the different types of company spend.

Have you done or would you like to do any open innovation projects? What kind and with whom?

At Soldo innovating in both software and financial services is part of our DNA. We support companies open innovation with a range of initiatives that allow the integration of the Soldo platform into the custom business logic of our clients allowing them to fully control our architecture according to their needs and we are constantly experimenting also with financial institutions on how they could make our proposition part of their product offering for selected segments of the market.

How is your team structured?

Soldo is a real European company, our team comprises people from over 27 nationalities, and there is no single headquarter as both London, Rome and Dublin each is the base of a number of divisions that in turn then interact with the teams present in each country we serve that contribute with the specialised knowledge and understanding of each market. We have currently over 350 employees and we are constantly growing.

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Author: Tudor Sava

1 Luglio 2022