Add Value: IT solutions for 25 years but always towards the future

Add Value has been developing IT solutions for banks, insurance companies and large enterprises for 25 years. “When we started we worked exclusively in cowo and we connected to our customers’ systems through the old 56K modems. The web was at the beginning and what we know today as internet banking was still to be thought – explains Luca Siciliano, Services Director of Add Value – In these 25 years we have accompanied Italian banks and insurance companies in a constant path of technological modernization through the development of innovative software solutions and we have been able to do this because we have always known that we innovate: in services, working method, way of thinking and through the technologies we use. Today we can safely say that the 120 specialists working in Add Value allow us to cover all the technologies a fintech reality needs from front end to backend. In short, we do not lack experience and competence and we do not lack vision either”.

The current offer of Add Value consists of three macro types of services: the development of tailored IT solutions, the integration between existing application systems, the management of existing application systems and improving them over time.

“In order to develop tailored services we must have a very strong innovative charge. We must have very clear in mind what the technological solutions can be best identified the in response to customer needs – Siciliano explains – The integration of systems requires from us the ability to cover more functional areas and more technological ones to thus identify the most efficient and effective way to relate several different applications. For us, application maintenance means taking care of the customer over time and accompanying him in a path of constant modernization with a strong sense of responsibility with respect to what we have built with him over time”.

Most of Add Value’s clients belong to the banking and insurance sectors. As far as the banking sector is concerned, over the years this company has gathered very important experiences together with the main Italian groups starting from the payments area with the accounting of SEPA movements, passing to credit with the realization of a solution concerning the electronic practice of credit and the realization of centralized engines for the calculation of customer ratings. In the last few years it has also worked on business services, in particular corporate banking and electronic invoicing, and also in the NPL area. As far as the insurance world is concerned, historically it has focused on the areas of life and damage as well as claims.

And the fintech? “The fintech world represents our tomorrow but if we look at our history with different eyes we can say that it is also our yesterday – explains Siciliano – we have had a “TECH” DNA and an “FIN” vocation since we were born. Today it is a matter of modulating our methodologies, our mentality and our desire to innovate in order to put them at the service of new realities. I think we can learn a lot from them but I also think that we can bring them competence and reliability; a reliability built over time through an agile methodology that guarantees we always respect the times and to guarantee to the customer the incremental release of functionality to see the final system we are going to build grow over time. In recent years we have been able to move from rule engines to artificial intelligence, from monolithic architectures to microservices, from centralized analysis to embedded analytics and now to blockchain networks. I can’t wait to see what we can build together over the next 25 years.

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Author: Tudor Sava

5 Novembre 2020