AI and New Dilemmas: let’s speak about it on 19-20 September

Artificial intelligence has never ceased to fascinate us and we return to talk about it during the “Executive Forum 2019: AI and New Dilemmas” organized by JuPantaRhei on 19 and 20 September at our headquarters (via Sassetti 32 – Milan). We will contribute with a speech by our Head, Alessandro Longoni. Now that there is a month before the appointment, we interviewed Judith Eberl, Managing Director of JuPantaRhei GmbH.

What are the objectives of the Executive Forum?

Everybody talks about Artificial Intelligence. Every day we hear the news in the media about new applications, new start-ups and we attach emotions to this information. The objective of the Executive Forum is to take time to reflect, make sense and interact with peers on the topic ‘AI and New Dilemmas’. Participants will explore what dilemmas have emerged thanks to the presence of A.I. and what dilemmas are new, often ethical, which must be managed as a consequence of the introduction of AI technologies and their various applications. How do those dilemmas impact decision-making within organisations and at a societal level? And moreover, what are the implications for both business models and ways of organising?

With this title and the word “dilemma”, what approach/intent did you want to convey, related to the event?

The context in which participants will explore dilemmas is one of AI. The questions that will be addressed are:
What exactly is a dilemma? Which are dilemmas that have become more evident thanks to the presence of AI? Which are new dilemmas that have emerged because of the introduction of AI? In what area can AI help to manage some of these dilemmas? How do we deal with those dilemmas? How do we deal with difficult choices? How do we reconcile dilemmas? The essence of the reconciliation of a dilemma lies in the recognition that a dilemma is a non-linear problem and therefore needs a non-linear problem-solving approach. It replaces ‘either-or’ thinking with and-and & through-and-through’ thinking. It is an essential leadership ability that any leader should have.

To whom is it addressed at the level of sectors and job functions?

The Executive Forum is aimed mainly at executives and senior managers from various sectors and geographical areas. The diversity of background and roles enriches the conversations that take place in a group of up to 30 participants.

Any anticipations on the contributions of the various speakers?

The inputs from the speakers are intended to provide stimuli on the subject, exploring it from various angles, from an academic and also from an application and start-up perspective.

Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford, Director of Digital Ethics Lab of the Oxford Internet Institute and Professorial Fellow of Exeter College
Alessandro Longoni, Head of Fintech District, Innovation, Business Development, Startups
Fons Trompenaars, consultant, trainer, motivational speaker and author of various books on all subjects of culture and business
Marius Ursache, designer, innovation consultant, and entrepreneur, speaks and mentors frequently at MIT and Singularity University

How the event is structured?

The methodology used during the Forum is that of strategic conversation that leverages on the fact that knowledge is generated, transferred and made feasible by the informality of the dialogue. The strategic conversation mobilises, systematises and exploits the individual and group experience, animated by the different perspectives of the external speakers and by rigorous facilitation of group dynamics. The aim is to generate long-term perspectives based on relevant knowledge and the exchange of ideas.

Why participate in the Forum? What is the use of and what practical feedback can it have, what will be illustrated?

The Forum provides an opportunity to reflect and understand what AI is and what impact it has on our leadership role in managing dilemmas. The Executive Forum is an exclusive encounter for max 30 participants which give the possibility to interact with international thought leaders and discuss with peers coming from various industries. Each participant will reflect on what this means for him/her, what to do differently, how to bring back their learning in their organisational context and, supported by the Executive Forum Summary, how to continue the conversation in the broader eco-system.

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Author: Tudor Sava

19 Agosto 2019