Alessandro Longoni talks about FD: mission and actions

What is Fintech District doing to promote the growth of the Italian fintech ecosystem? How is it working with institutions? The best way to find this out is to directly ask the person who is Head of this open community, Alessandro Longoni. This is exactly what Flavio Proietti (Fintech Stage) did on StartupItalia website.

Fintech District was created to offer the Italian Fintech ecosystem a place of aggregation, rich in activities and networking opportunities, as well as chances to create synergies bringing concrete value to all stakeholders involved. But that is not all.

Thanks to the increasing number of collaborations with international stakeholders and 15 European fintech hubs, Fintech District is able to take inspiration from innovation and working methods of other markets and bring them to Italy to encourage the emergence of new concrete models of applied innovation in which both companies and start-ups collaborate and thus grow.

In this context, the relationship with both local and national institutions which are investing in innovation and growth and must continue to do so, should not be overlooked. This kind of dialogue is necessary if we want to ensure that Italy can also emerge in the fintech sector and not only in the more traditional sectors such as fashion, food and luxury. That’s why Fintech District has created contacts with the MEF and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is working with the Municipality of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce. The aim is to create opportunities for international meetings, invite foreign investors to visit the country and promote Italian innovation in Fintech, fully confirming our role as a gateway to the Italian Fintech Ecosystem.

We recommend you read the full interview (in Italian) on the website of Startupitalia in which Alessandro Longoni comments on the role of Milan in the process of innovation in our country and invites all entrepreneurs, professionals and startuppers to think out of the box and to… come and visit us to innovate together.

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Author: Tudor Sava

5 Giugno 2019