Artificial Intelligence between Myth and Reality, with Luca Valaguzza (Euclidea)

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence is everywhere, in the fintech industry it is achieving real results and the growth and success of those companies is proving that. During the event organized by Euclidea and hosted by Fintech District on 23 of May, we will discuss the future of artificial intelligence and what it should mean for humanity, focusing on the Fintech sector “where the use of Artificial Intelligence can only increase” according to Luca Valaguzza, founder of Euclidea, a member of Fintech District.

This FinTech company based in Milan is challenging the status quo in the European Wealth Management space through innovations in investments, technology and marketing. Valaguzza tells us his vision on Artificial Intelligence, “between myth and reality”.

Artificial Intelligence in finance: what kind of applications does it bring, in the short term and in the long term?

Artificial Intelligence in finance consists in applying some techniques borrowed mainly from computer science, in various fields – from sentiment analysis to prediction of historical series – in order to improve investment choices and make them less dependent on human view. It can also be used to improve the knowledge of the final customer. In the long term, the use of Artificial Intelligence in finance can only increase.

Professional investors how are they welcoming the innovations of Artificial Intelligence? And non-professional investors?

In general, non-professional investors are fascinated by these innovations. On the other side, professional investors invest a lot in them. However, as professional investors, they have the responsibility to distinguish the hype that runs around the Artificial Intelligence from any benefits that it brings in the concrete.

On this subject, is there a difference between Italy and the rest of Europe and the world?

No difference emerges from our Fintech observatory between Italy and the rest in the world, both for the skills and for the development of Italian companies that are born with a European vocation.

In terms of investments in Artificial Intelligence in finance, how is the Italian situation compared to the international situation?

It is a fundamental point for all the realities. The most innovative are small and dynamic realities or large banking groups that create vehicles or “ad hoc” companies to study and invest in Artificial Intelligence. The average realities have lagged behind.

Robot advisor supported by human consultants: is this the solution?

Surely the “hybrid” model is what we think is more successful and it is what Euclidea has embraced from the beginning. This model lets the customer choose the solution he prefers, entirely digital or with a human support by phone, or the more traditional relationship that relies on robot-advisory technology. It should be emphasized that a digital model is disruptive if it brings a strong benefit in terms of cost savings to the end customer.

Artificial IntelligenceAI and financial education: Artificial Intelligence applied to finance can help Italians to increase their skills in the sector and awareness of their choices?

In Italy it will be a very long training. We start from a very low level in which any actor and any innovation can help improve financial education. It is essential to reach the awareness of your choices with respect to what you invest in and how much you pay.

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2 Maggio 2018