BacktoWork24: interview with Alberto Bassi

BacktoWork24 is the first platform in Italy promoting investment in startups and SMEs by private and professional investors. Via this Equity Crowdfunding portal, investors can find a wide variety of projects, from startups to SMEs and even Real Estate projects.

The BacktoWork24 platform has been active since 2015, “so far we have closed more than 170 investment transactions with over 22 million euros raised by our companies” says CEO Alberto Bassi who defines his company as “the benchmark for startups who want to grow through private funds and investments as well as for investors who want to diversify their portfolio “.

BacktoWork24 plans to enter foreign markets but not just yet: “there is still a lot to do in Italy!”. According to Bassi, in fact, the Italian Equity Crowdfunding market is growing fast but is not mature and developed yet. “We decided to focus on Equity Crowdfunding just to give a boost to the whole system and turn it into a mass market. Today it is as yet a market only for enthusiasts of innovation, startups and SMEs “.

Bassi aims to hit his national targets by 2020 and then look to foreign markets. To do so, he also decided to become part of Fintech District, “a community that can give a boost to the entire Italian Fintech market now known only to players in the sector and to fans of innovative financial services”

“It is not always easy to work in an integrated fashion in Italy. Thanks to Fintech District we also want to contribute to the development of the Italian fintech ecosystem. By bringing together several players, I am sure new opportunities for collaboration will arise that would be difficult to achieve on their own. Also in this way, we can create an ever larger and more interesting market “.

You can keep up with BacktoWork24 via its platform, where all the new projects for 2019 will be presented, and by taking part in BacktoWork24 meetings at Fintech District’s headquarters. “We often propose meetings between our startups, our SMEs and the network of interested investors – explains Bassi – This enables investors to meet entrepreneurs directly and ask them questions before investing through our platform “.

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Author: Tudor Sava

20 Marzo 2019