BitAndCoffee, the natural evolution of Fatture in 1 click

BitAndCoffee is the natural evolution of Fatture in 1 click. In a world that is constantly changing, it can also happen that a member of our community changes the business strategy and even its name. We asked Marco Galli and Marco Frigerio, the founders, to explain why they did this and what to expect from their new look.

What does BitandCoffee do? is the natural evolution of Fatture in 1 click from which it inherits all the features that have made us appreciated by our users and goes further enhancing them. We have made numerous technical improvements and also modified the cloud platform to take advantage of the full potential of Microsoft’s Azure. New specific functions are also being released to facilitate collaboration with the accountant and liaison with the revenue agency. The activation of the electronic invoice has in fact allowed the tax side to implement new services that transform the “Cassetto Fiscale” into a real hub that can be interfaced as if it were a web service with API technology.

Who are you addressing today?

Our customers, both in terms of technology and as an almost philosophical approach to the first developments, are the micro-enterprise, the craftsmen and all the professionals. The idea of nurturing the technological culture by instilling a “digital germ” which is to germinate with care in customers has certainly been very appreciated and the chat to which we respond, by following step by step our users, is certainly one of the services that differentiate us.
Now the user base is much larger and continues to grow (we have over 6,000 users). It includes many types of customers, even small industrial companies and various commercial activities ranging from the simple shop to the restaurant, from the doctor (we also have a solution for all requirements related to the project “health card”) to the small clinic, from the professional startupper to the associated firm of lawyers.

How has your business model changed and why?

It has been not a real change in itself but a natural evolution. We are growing with our customers and following their needs. Our “advanced billing” has become a management tool and we already have a roadmap to which to add those features that will soon turn it into a real ERP (Enterprise resource planning). We are also working more closely with “our” accountants to be able to offer an entire catalogue of tax services of high quality but at a competitive price.

Has the new PSD2 regulation generated new business opportunities for you? If so, which ones?

Banking has always been an important part of our vision and we are looking carefully at when PSD2 will become effective. Thanks in part to our modular approach and our openness to the subject of PSD2 (we have always had APIs on display for our partners), we are already testing some realities in order to be able to offer our customers all the functions that the new frontier of open banking will offer right away.

Why is it important for you to be part of the Fintech District community and what do you expect?

Through corporate philosophy and a technological choice open to everyone in order to offer the best composition of solutions for our customers. What better environment to access all these collaborative potentials than the Fintech District community? We owe so much to everyone because it is thanks to so many collaborations that BitAndCoffee is the best blend of features available on the market able to offer the best coffee to our users.

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Author: Tudor Sava

31 Luglio 2019