Bitpanda is changing the way the world views investing

Bitpanda is a well-known name in the fintech world, it has also arrived in Italy and immediately entered the Fintech District community. We met Orlando Merone, Country Manager Italy, to hear about Bitpanda’s projects and objectives.

What does Bitpanda do and who is it for?

Bitpanda is a fintech company based in Vienna, Austria founded in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer. Bitpanda has been working on making investments accessible for everyone for six years now. Initially offering cryptocurrencies, the company developed itself by adding tokenized digital assets such as precious metals, and now, fractional stocks, to the platform, allowing anyone to start investing with a minimum of one euro. Bitpanda has over 3 million users and over 500+ staff members from more than 50 nations. We’re levelling the financial playing field and changing the way the world views investing.

How are you entering the Italian market and what do you expect?

We have a very local approach. Italian can use the Bitpanda website and broker platform, the Bitpanda Helpdesk as well as the Bitpanda App, in their language. At Bitpanda we believe that language shouldn’t be a barrier for our users. Soon the Bitpanda Academy will be available in Italian as well. Italy is the company’s first expansion in 2021 and an important part of Bitpanda growth. It is obvious that the Italian people are ready to welcome the innovation that fintech has to offer and we are more than thrilled to be part of the process. All of this looks very promising for our business development. Bitpanda’s goal is to become the biggest European biggest investment platform, and the same goal we have in Italy. Our plan for this year is to double our user base as we expand our team operating from our new office in Milan.

Do you have open innovation projects, collaborations or partnerships in mind?

Actually, we are working on a new B2B2C solution to forge partnerships with banks, asset managers, and other fintechs who are willing to plunge into uncharted waters of online-only financial services. This means we are in ongoing talks with banks and financial institutions here in Italy. Partner companies can rely on Bitpanda’s technical infrastructure for fractional 24/7 trading across all our asset classes, stocks, crypto, metals.

How is your team composed and how is it growing?

We’re growing really fast and we need new people that are willing to help us grow even faster. This is why we are opening a Talent Hub in Milano. There’s a massive opportunity to really reshape how people see personal finance and investing, and we have no plans to slow down now. Our expansion into Italy will allow us to attract the talent we need and support our vision to build new technologies for the future. We are currently looking for talented people to join our Milano office, in the Growth and Marketing team, but also to support us with everything related to compliance, as Bitpanda is fully regulated and places great deal of importance to this topic. We are also looking for new team members to join for local support and community building.

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Author: Tudor Sava

1 Settembre 2021