Blockchain and crypto values conference by Codemotion on 14th of June

Blockchain is one of the topics that attracts most media attention and is also the theme of the conference with which Codemotion is launching a new event format, focusing on a single IT theme, on the 14th of June at East end Studios (via Mecenate, Milan). Fintech District is ecosystem partner of this event, entitled “Blockchain and crypto values conference”, confirming its commitment to promoting knowledge of fintech themes to different types of interlocutors.

blockchainIn this case the event, organized by Codemotion, is addressed to professionals of the field such as CTOs, marketers, developers, IT specialists as well as CEOs and startups that are willing to understand blockchain’s practical applications to master this developing market.

The one-day conference is divided into two parts, an inspirational morning and a more practical afternoon, with the aim to get into the heart of topics such as security, Smart contracts, Decentralized Apps, ICOs and generally speaking all the aspects that connect with Blockchain.

Between the outstanding speakers of the Blockchain and crypto values conference by Codemotion, helping you to take a deep-dive into the Blockchain technology in order to fully understand this ecosystem, there will be Peter Todd, one of the 50 most influential people in cryptocurrency, William Mougayar, author of the bestseller The Business Blockchain, Giacomo Zucco, Bitcoin Evangelist, Raffaele Mauro, author of Hacking Finance, and Simona Macellari, director of BlockchainLab.

Participation in this conference is an opportunity for field professionals, companies and developers not only to learn more about the blockchain but also to add valuable connections to their network

In the morning session of inspirational talks about blockchain, the big names that will speak are William Mougayar, about “The Blockchain Economy”, Raffaele Mauro, which will focus on “Venture Capital and Crypto”, Audrey Chaing (Blockchain Analyst at Blockchaing), which will illustrate “The Road to Mass Adoption”, Andrea Medri, (CFO at The Rock Trading) speaking about “Working in the Cryptovalues sector in Italy”, and Giacomo Zucco, explaining “The ICO Triangle”.

blockchainThe afternoon session will take place in two rooms, to speak respectively about real business case studies by leading IT companies and about “how to use Blockchain technologies in your own work”.

Dedicated to members of the Fintech District community there are special discounts to attend this event about these technologies that are changing reality and economy’s operating principles in every sector. Please write us at , we will be happy to illustrate this interesting opportunity. You can also find the full program of the conference at this link

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29 Maggio 2018