Bridge arrives to link traditional and decentralised finance

Bridge is an innovative startup operating in the field of decentralised finance, i.e. that the ecosystem of financial applications lent disintermediately on the blockchain via smart contracts. Its mission is to become the connecting bridge between traditional and decentralised finance in order to enable an institutional adoption of this new financial

There are two main products that Bridge offers to the market: one is based on proprietary technologies and investment strategies to facilitate authorised institutions in listing products on traditional financial markets that have investment activities as an underline, while the second concerns the development of blockchain and smart contract products.

In recent months, Bridge has already established strategic partnerships with some of the most important players in centralised finance and is working on initiatives to accelerate technological development and support the internationalisation path to which the team aspires. In the future, it also aims to carry out open innovation projects with national and international institutions, in particular with family offices, asset management companies and digital companies.

Bridge’s most important asset has always been its team, with an average age of 29, featuring many different profiles – from mathematicians to software engineers and developers – and all with strong experience in blockchain and decentralised finance.

Watch the video to hear Bridge’s voice and

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Author: Tudor Sava

2 Febbraio 2022