BTrees, 360-degree digital marketing for the fintech world

Btrees was born in 2015 in the context of SellaLab with a verticality on social media marketing. Over the years, however, it has grown and today it is able to offer, both companies and startups, everything they need to communicate their services and products but also their brand at its best directed towards customers, fans and consumers. Christian Zegna, Admin of Btrees, tells of how they have grown and what connection they have with the fintech world.

How were you born and how did you grow?

Initially we wanted to create a small agency that dealt vertically with the use of social media to promote companies, businesses and brands. Today Btrees has a much wider range of action. After 5 years, it deals with everything that is digital marketing. We start by defining a strategy that we then go on to apply using social media of course, but also all the tools that provide us with the Google world, e-mail marketing rather than SEO positioning and all the tools there are in this day and age to be effective in communicating with their consumers, fans and customers. Btrees is also part of Gruppo Ebano which is an operational holding company based in Novara and has a strong expertise on innovative training.

Who do you target?

We operate on the whole national territory addressing small and medium enterprises but also to big companies that want to carry out activities in the fields of marketing and digital communication. Among the various services we offer there is not only the management of social channels and the realization of communication strategies, but also training and cross media activities to involve offline communication channels. To the startups, a target we have always worked with also being a former startup ourselves, we offer a path of growth and acceleration from this point of view to help them, with a logic of growth hacking, minimizing investments and optimizing the results, to create a community and a group of consumers who follow and believe in them.

What connection do you have with fintech and what can you offer to the realities of this sector?

Since we were born in SellaLab, Gruppo Sella’s accelerator, we immediately had to collaborate and be suppliers of the Group itself. Specifically, we have worked for SellaLab itself, for Axerve, for Sella Personal Credit and for some years now we have been working for Fintech District and Fabrick. So we have an inherent know how within our organization in the fintech sector. In addition to this we have a much broader knowledge of the digital marketing sector so we can combine specific expertise with what are the main communication tools that are available to fintech companies today.

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Author: Tudor Sava

16 Febbraio 2021