Cerved Data Driven

This initiative is aimed at identifying new companies able to develop innovative products in the Fintech area starting from the information assets of Cerved. The team winning the competition thanks to its own project will receive a prize of € 10,000 and the possibility of collaborating with Cerved in the launching of their project on the market.
This competition is based on data economic and financial information of Cerved on over 6 million Italian companies, provided through API. The teams are free to design their own solution wherever they are located and will be joined by the Cerved SWAT Team.

Final prize: 10.000€

To whom it is addressed

The initiative addresses software developers and IT experts as well as fintech startups and digital transformation companies based in Italy and wishing to implement innovative and ambitious projects starting from Big Data.

— Data Scientist
— Web and Mobile software developers
— Web and Mobile Designers
— UX specialists


Selection criteria

Teams made up of company members, startups or individual professionals can take part in the competition presenting their idea by filling in the online application by 30 September 2018.
For more information, see the REGULATION
The projects collected will be evaluated and selected based on their market potential, their innovative contribution in the Fintech world and the real potential for developing the presented use case.