CheckSig: Transparent Bitcoin Custody

CheckSig handles the storage of bitcoin, the digital equivalent of gold. It is a service offeder to institutional investors, financial institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and in general to all those who, when it comes to custody, for regulatory or opportunity reasons, cannot go the do-it-yourself way.

Bitcoin is all about financial sovereignty, but when the economic amounts become so significant as to be dangerous for an individual or if you are a financial institution that cannot directly hold its assets, then the Checksig’s transparent custody services, in which the process is public and monitorable by all, become of extreme interest.

Checksig team is talking with the main Italian asset manager, some of which are part of European and international groups. This is its natural growth: start from the domestic market and expand into European and international markets. “We start as “Italian”, with pride, without limiting our reach” explains Founder Ferdinando Amitrano. In the seed money stage, they have raised one million euros for a company valuation of 5 million, now they are working now on a capital increase for a multiple that should be significant.

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Many come to us through our sister company DGI (Digital Gold Institute), which plays a consulting and training role, explaining what bitcoins are. Those who understand that a bitcoin investment is a rational diversification of their portfolio, they conclude that it is necessary to invest a percentage of their portfolio in bitcoins. At that point they have the problem of how to store them, then our custody service becomes interesting. For this reason, the main clients of CheckSig are professional asset managers and high-net-worth individuals who are autonomous in their investment or have their own investment management team.


The team is an international one, also because our custody process relies on being multi-location, so they are in different places in the world. We have people in Singapore, United States and various European countries. The internal team is very young apart from those who deal with corporate relations. There is an age gap between the young technicians and the administrative and relational structure which is of higher seniority.

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Author: Tudor Sava

24 Febbraio 2020