ClearBox AI: interview with Matteo Giovannetti

ClearBox AI Solutions is at the forefront of developing tools for companies for the responsible, trustworthy and human-centric use of Artificial Intelligence. Its flagship platform ‘ClearBox AI Control Room’ can be used even by non-data scientists. It can retrofit to existing AI models and can provide human interpretable explanations to the decisions made by complex Machine Learning models while maintaining their performance. The team of this fintech works on cutting edge solutions in explainable AI in the banking & insurance and healthcare sectors.

ClearBox AI explanations gives users ranging from analysts, clinicians, operators to managers the ability to intervene in case of bias, inaccuracy or inefficiency in the ML models that can be uncovered using their platform. In this way, ClearBox AI enables AI adoption in organisations by making AI more trustworthy, efficient, ethical, fair, safe as well as compliant to regulatory oversight. They have already started collaborating with large corporations and startups in the form of ‘Proofs of Concept’. In parallel they are accelerating their product development work related to their Software as a Service (Saas) platform in close touch with the market needs.

ClearBox AI is a young innovative startup located right in the heart of the University of Technology of Turin (Politecnico di Torino) incubated at I3P, the world’s best public technology incubator (UBI global ranking). It won the startcup Piemonte & VdA at the regional level. At the national level it have been awarded as the most innovative ICT startup that has been incorporated in 2019 (PNI, Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione).

Its entrepreneurial team comprises of 4 co-founders (Shalini Kurapati, Luca Gilli, Matteo Giovannetti and Federico Tomassetti) who bring diverse and complementary technological and business skills to the table. Its team collectively has a vast international experience in Italy, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Sweden, India and the United States. They are expanding their team! They consider themselves as a European company with international ambitions driven by technological knowledge and cultural values of Italy.

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Author: Tudor Sava

10 Dicembre 2019