Corptape, story-telling startups and connecting them to investors

Corptape is a platform that connects startups of all kinds with investors of all kinds. It collects information from startups and investors and processes it through artificial intelligence so that everyone finds what they need. It caters, not only for startups and investors, but also for facilities like coworking and accelerators by providing its own tool to manage their deep flow.

Corptape launched its MVP in late 2019 and will launch its finished product in January 2021. Its team consists of Daniele Mogavero, 29, founder and CEO of the project, Luca Ceppaluni, 35, who is in charge of deal management and intermediation between startups and investors, and lastly Martina, 23, who is in charge of communication mainly on Youtube and Instagram.

Watch the interview with Founder & CEO Daniele Mogavero

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Author: Tudor Sava

2 Febbraio 2021