Credimi: interview with Gianmarco Molinari

Credimi is a digital factoring different from all those that were on the market before: it is simpler, faster and easier for those who use it. It is totally digital without card and without fixed costs. In its first year of life it has become the biggest reality in Europe that makes digital lending on trade receivables and invoices overcoming competitors active for years in France, Germany and Spain.

These results are to be contextualized by observing the current situation of digital lending that in Italy “is now a very important phenomenon”. Gianmarco Molinari, co founder of Credimi, explains that “We are talking about a one billion euro flow, a very important value also at European level. In continental Europe, Italy is one of the countries that has adopted faster fintech and products like ours. This shows that Italian managers are more ready to adopt innovation than you think”

With these promising numbers ahead, Credimi is working to improve the product and make it easier and more convenient to use for its customers. “Now we have on our website the product Pro Solvendo and the product Pro Soluto: it is the first time that they are easily selectable by our customers – Molinari says – we are completing the offer on the factoring part directed to all companies and on the supply chain finance and reverse factoring in which we are introducing new products”

In Italy, according to Molinari, there was a strong need for an aggregation pole for the fintech because today there are many companies operating in the sector. “The Fintech District is just that, an innovative hub specifically for fintech thanks to which to exchange ideas, share experiences and learn new things. It is the place where a fintech must be “.

“The Fintech District is very important also because it represents a gateway to Europe” even if Credimi is totally focused on Italy. Molinari explains that Credimi aims for the greatest success in Italy before going to Europe “but it is very important for a fintech to be born with an international mindset and to listen to everything that happens internationally, also because our country has a lot of difficulties for fintech. I mention one that is quite evident: the PSD2, on which we are in serious delay. It is always difficult to make innovation in Italy.

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Author: Tudor Sava

3 Settembre 2018