Credit Data Research: interview with Alessio Balduini, CEO

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“It has been an exceptional experience for me, to present Credit Passport at the Paris Fintech Forum” said Alessio Balduini, CEO of Credit Data Research. On 30 January he was on stage at this flagship event for the Fintech community to discuss with more than 2600 people from 45 countries about how PSD2 and Open banking will bring innovation a great opportunity for SMEs credit access.

Founded in 2013 and launched in 2014, Credit Data Research provides innovative tools for SMEs, like its Credit Passport, that wish to enhance their access to sources of funding, to improve transparency in dealing with business partners and customers together with facilitating their entry into and management of foreign markets. “Entrepreneurs, with their creativeness– adds Balduini – have experienced new ways to use our Credit Passport, increasing their effectiveness and adding value in generating a greater volume of business”

More than 4000 companies currently use the Credit Passport, a tool that in 2016 15 banks of different sizes used and promoted towards their business customers. After winning the 2017 international competition “Open Up challenge”, promoted by principal banks in UK to accelerate the PSD2 introduction, this year Credit Data Research, in connection with the PSD2 implementation, with its Credit Passport, “is ready to provide to SMEs, banks and credit platforms, the first real-time credit score. Our API – explains Balduini – makes it possible to connect to the service in a flexible way. We’re already working with banks and platform to integrate Credit Passport in real time”.

credit data researchAt the beginning of this year, for Open Banking opening, on 13 of January, Credit Data Research was the first in EU recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Service Provider supplying credit scoring. In the second quarter of 2018 this company plans to open in Germany.

At the moment it is present in France, Spain and Italy where it is also a member of Fintech District, “an excellent example of how we can innovate and communicate in this country” according to Balduini. “Fintech District demonstrates Italian will catch up in the European landscape to foster innovation in the financial segment, a key area that needs creativeness and inventiveness”

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6 Febbraio 2018