Criptalia: interview with Diego Dal Cero

In 2017, Criptalia was born from the idea of moving traditional financial products to blockchain in order to obtain time and economic advantages in its management. The products considered all belong to different asset classes, they can be equity, credit or bonds, but are all, however, managed and transmitted on the blockchain.

For this particular Fintech, 2018 was the year of development. CEO and Founder Diego Dal Cero explains that in recent months his team has been involved in carrying out all the operations necessary to comply with various regulations and also so as to be able to operate in the market with all the safety requirements for the consumer and for companies that use these products.

In 2019 Criptalia will go for the first time on the market, in both Italy and Spain at the same time, and then also in other European countries within the year. “We do not exclude emerging markets like that of Latin America” adds Dal Cero, who says he is satisfied and honoured to have joined the Fintech District community: “It is entering a truly unique ecosystem not only in Italy but also at a European level; it is something that unites our passions, technologies and the future of the fintech sector. We will try to be an active part of this important community “.

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Author: Tudor Sava

25 Gennaio 2019