Financial Data Science Camp: an upskill by Virtual B

Become a real Data-Driven company in order to remain competitive, boost your network of agents and define new marketing ways of engaging customers digitally. If you are a financial or insurance company, you can do this by upskilling and reskilling your staff’s skills with the Financial Data Science Camp.

Organized by Virtual B, it includes 5 theoretical/practical modules of about 2 hours each, with concrete business cases and workshops, on a monthly basis. The business areas potentially concerned are C-Levels, IT and Innovation Department, Executive, Marketing and Sales Department. Detailed knowledge of mathematical/statistical tools or programming languages is not necessary to participate and take advantage of them.

We will get started in January observing how AI and Machine Learning are changing and will change, the financial and insurance landscape and how they can truly change a company to then identify future applications of Data Science in the financial/insurance field.

MIFID and IDD thanks to Data Science can turn from being perceived as an obstacle to be a valuable opportunity. There are different types of technological practices and Virtual B will show potential and limitations by assessing the phases, timing, risks, opportunities, and costs of a project using AI/Machine Learning with participants. During the course some software, currently on the market, will be analyzed, looking at possible future developments.

With this upskill/reskill as a company you will be able to acquire all the tools you need to strengthen the network of distributors/agents and increase their productivity and define new ways of engaging customers digitally, customizing the relationship and communication methods. Your digital campaigns will also be more effective and efficient.

Do you want to take part in the Financial Data Science Camp?

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Get to know Virtual B better!

Virtual B is a pioneer of FinTech in Italy. The company was founded in 2010 by a team of experts with a strong background in the financial sector.

In 2011 the company launched AdviseOnly, the first Robo-Advisor in Europe. Today Virtual B is a Fintech company providing digital analysis and solutions for asset management with a strong focus on innovation and revolutionary technologies. Our solutions range from Robo-Advisory white label platforms to innovative data-based software that helps financial and insurance companies improve productivity and increase revenues.


Author: Tudor Sava

28 Novembre 2019