EMEA Fintech Talks: let’s talk about Open Banking

The third Italian edition of the EMEA FinTech Talks, on the 8 of May, is a live streaming between the Deloitte Greenhouse and the Fintech District that, with this free and open initiative, aims to promote the fintech’s knowledge, sharing an high-level debate with his community and people interested in the topic.

The EMEA Fintech Talks this year is part of the first Italian Fintech Festival, organized by Fintechstage between the 7th and the 10th of May 2018 in Rome, Milan and Turin with the Fintech District as Ecosystem partner. The topic of this edition of EMEA Fintech Talks is the opening up of banks’ financial data: Open Banking. On the 8 of May, in Milan, we will examine in depth the impact that these new platforms can generate in terms of growth and soundness of the services offered to users.

Indeed, for a bank, “embracing open banking is not just a matter of adapting to the PSD2 or merely displaying its own APIs: these are necessary steps. it means operating as a platform company and radically changing the way in which value is created for its customers”, according to Paolo Zaccardi, CEO of Sella Open Fintech Platform. He explains that this change is possible “by providing them with innovative services and, at the same time, by encouraging the exploitation of the large amount of data generated by the use of an open platform”.

Zaccardi will participate in the first of the three panels proposed in the EMEA Fintech Talks, together with other national and international speakers from the world of banks and companies, called to illustrate their point of view. Fintech successful startups will participate in the same round tables of EMEA Fintech Talks with their experiences of open banking, a novelty that, according to Zaccardi, “requires financial institutions to adopt a new way of banking, based on an Open Platform model that allows the various actors of the financial ecosystem to interact and collaborate with each other through an API and services infrastructure”.

EMEA Fintech Talks

“In Sella, Open Banking platforms are considered the heart of financial intermediation of the future”, which is why, as Zaccardi explains, “we are working on an Open Platform that will become a creative environment where different actors collaborate and build innovative business models in order to respond effectively to the new expectations of customers who increasingly require immediate, personalized and relevant services “.

During the EMEA Fintech Talks the impact of open banking will be analyzed from different points of view. From the Fintech District, it will be possible to interact with the speakers during the Q&A sessions. The event will be open with the contribution of the Keynote Speaker Sam Maule, Managing Partner North America for 11:FS, with over twenty years of experience working in the payments, mobile, and banking space across North America and Europe and sought-after speaker focusing on the human element of digital and banking innovation.

The EMEA Fintech Talks will be held in English with simultaneous translation in Italian language. Reserve your place here and be part of the fintech revolution!

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1 Maggio 2018