Europass grows and illuminates Dubai

One of the three protagonists during the spring appointment of House of Genius was EuroPass, a startup of our community that now has 108 fintechs. EuroPass is both a digital communication agency and a payment solution provider able to define and set up your marketing and communication strategy targeting Chinese FIT.

As foreseen by this international format Fintech District brought to Italy, Paola Pacchiana, business developer at Europass, illustrated to the guests the activity of the startup asking for advice on a specific key problem. Let’s hear what her advice is and what Europass has on hold for the future

Why did you decide to take part in House of Genius? What attracted you?

First of all, I was attracted by the original format that makes it possible to analyze a startup with no “preconceived notions” and without knowing what work everyone does. This freedom allows you to analyze problems in a freer and open way.

How will the Genius’ advice help you? Will you apply any of it?

Of course, many have advised me to focus on one area first rather than on many, and I believe I will apply this advice decisively.

How is Europass doing today in Italy and Europe?

It’s growing very fast and in a positive way. We are expanding into new markets such as Eastern Europe, where Chinese tourists are starting to go and need to feel welcomed as if they were at home. In Italy, we have developed many new partnerships, especially in Milan with Where magazine, which allows us to have very strong visibility on our flagship product, the mini-program WeChat Travel Experience on WeChat.

In Paris, metro tickets are paid for with WeChat thanks to Europass. What does this goal mean for you?

We are extremely proud to have been able to bring WeChat technology into the common domain of buying a metro ticket. This brings Chinese travellers even closer to the city… Paris was the first city in the world to do so outside of China!

Could Milan be the next city? What advantages would it bring to users and how would it impact on your business in our country?

It would be great to have Milan and Rome as second and third cities! The advantages for users would be considerable: no more misunderstandings at the counters or problems in understanding where to go and what means of transport to take. They will have everything directly in the app! This would surely consolidate our presence in Italy, not only as a digital marketing company but also as a company offering innovative and dynamic solutions at the service of Chinese users.

Any other news to give us?

Big piece news there has been recently, and that probably has not escaped the notice of many, concerns the tallest building in the world, the Burj Kalifa in Dubai. It lit up with the colours of WeChat for the opening of their mini ticketing program on WeChat… powered by Europass of course!

Read the interview with Paola Pacchiana and watch the video at this link

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Author: Tudor Sava

13 Maggio 2019