European Fintech Discovery Program by FD

The fintech excellence of Europe at the hands of companies to facilitate open innovation projects across borders, for once, it is not the startups that are moving to go in search of corporate but the latter who are reaching the fintech best suited to their business going to get to know them. This is the European Fintech Discovery Program: an initiative Fintech District has promoted and carried out, succeeding in involving 9 other hubs that support startups and scaleups in the same sector but in other parts of the continent:

  • Fintech Scotland
  • Holland Fintech
  • Copenhagen Fintech
  • B-Hive (Belgium)
  • The Lhoft (Luxembourg)
  • Le Village (France)
  • Portugal Fintech
  • TechQuartier (Germany)
  • Innsomnia (Spain)

The 10 hubs, all firmly convinced it is necessary to work together to grow fintech at a European level and make Europe a powerhouse, can thus offer their corporate members and other companies in the area, the opportunity to meet more than 1500 fintech and insurtech in Europe, selecting the type according to their needs in terms of open innovation.

Everyone will be able to present it with their own brand because this program is not owned by anyone, is based on collaboration between “colleagues” hub and aims to increase knowledge of the fintech scenario at a European level as well as bring the best practices of some countries to those that could benefit most. Working on a common initiative like this is also a first but important step towards the creation of the European single market.

Even though the program is aimed at corporate clients – its success depends on their interest – it also benefits startups that will see their matchmaking opportunities speed up and their time for market and business development reduced thanks to the possibility of introducing themselves to visiting foreign corporations while staying in their own country.

If you are interested in this opportunity, write to us at to learn more


Author: Tudor Sava

17 Ottobre 2019