The evolution of Claider, the app connecting policyholders and insurers

Together with Claider, one of the emerging insurtechs in the Italian scenario, we investigated the changing habits of citizens and the next challenges that await the sector in 2020. Here is the interview with Claider’s Client Advisors Sara Montanaro, Sara Partridge, Hélène Lefebvre and Sabine Wiederhold.

Statistics of Claider to date, with some comparison, to give you an idea of ​​the growth over the last few months.

Claider started in mid-2018 with the Business model and accrued the first 5 customers (Broker) who believed in the project. In 2019 we worked on the recognition of our brand and we reached about 20 partners in Italy, also thanks to the collaborations with SHARE software houses. Having a common protocol allows us to work on predefined our standards for transfer and updating data.
Today, negotiations are underway with relevant companies also at an international level which we should be closing shortly. As a result of the activation of business subscriptions, app users have also grown exponentially in recent months (around 50,000 users)

What type of insured customers usually turn to you and what advantages are most appreciated?

Everyone can download the app for free, create a profile and enter their policies. We have had very positive feedback, for example from the police, who appreciated the possibility of digital CID, with the advantage of readability and univocal interpretation.
Or by those who normally work at night as truck drivers, taxi drivers etc … who in the event of a claim can count on being guided through every step on their mobile phone and then send the claim to the insurer at any time. SMEs are very appreciative of the possibility of relying on a simple app to report claims that require multiple photos and documentation, with the big advantage of saving time and especially paper.

Since you’ve been on the market, how has the attitude of the insurance sector towards an innovative reality like yours changed?

Innovation in this sector is always a little scary. Some believe that offering customers a digital tool leaves them too independent or can be too complicating. Our goal is: to make people understand that technology is here to help, it’s not an enemy and that the users are accustomed to apps, even the oldest one.
The growth path we are experiencing with various insurance companies is not easy, but many are changing their minds. Furthermore, the advantages of digital transformation are obvious: you can be close to the customer even remotely and organize an entire office from any location.
Precisely because the idea of ​​speeding up the digitization process in the insurance field is more and more concrete, over the last few weeks a new association has been born, the Italian Insurtech Association of which we are constituent members. It will probably take a little longer to get into the digital perspective as a service for everyone, but we are convinced that by joining forces we will achieve these goals

How has your business changed following the Coronavirus emergency?

We have been on national alert for more than a month. Which for many sectors is objectively a crisis scenario, for Insurtech it can be a moment of opportunity. Now more than ever, is it clear that digital-based business models are essential for dealing with modern emergencies, even a pandemic!
Our business hasn’t changed. We have decided to invest energy and resources and give up a part of the income to participate in the digital solidarity initiative of the Ministry. An incentive that we offer to accompany the digitalisation of intermediaries, who perhaps has never before or have time to renew the business procedures.
Today is the right time to learn, try and acquire useful resources for the future.

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Author: Tudor Sava

25 Maggio 2020