Fatture in 1 click: interview with Marco Frigerio and Marco Galli

Fatture in 1 click deals with electronic invoicing, but not only! It is a management system for small businesses, SMEs, self-employed workers, and associated firms, lawyers, engineers, and architects. With Fatture in 1 click, it is possible to manage both the part of the operational accounting, for sending and receiving the XML invoices, as well as the part of inventory management, customer booking and much more.

“The “philosophy” – says Marco Galli, founder of Fatture in 1 click – is to help small businesses and professionals to easily manage their accounting and tax duties allowing them focusing on their core job.”

“For us this is a phase of consolidation of customers who are activating various business processes because through digitalization the sending and receiving times, methods and organization also change – says Marco Frigerio, co-founder of Fatture in 1 click – it reflects in the integrations we are doing both in the technological part and that of the functionalities on which we are asked to make changes on behalf of our customers”.

“It’s a sort of digital germ that we infuse in the small companies – says Galli – that we think will grow and help them to compete in the future business arena.”

Today Fatture in 1 click is very focused on the Italian market but the management system has been created as multilingual and in multi-currency. Frigerio explains the company is interested “to both interfaces with international companies based in Italy, and collaborate with other foreign startups on some specific issues related to our management for small businesses. In fact, small businesses not only concerns the Italian economic system but also that of many other European countries, both inside and outside of the European Union “.

Fatture in 1 click became a part of Fintech District “as, in this community, there is an intense exchange of experiences, information and knowledge. This is essential for a startup starting with limited resources and which must manage efficiently all the ecosystem surrounding it – explains Frigerio – It Is very interesting, for example, that a startup can find partners in Fintech District capable of dealing with certain very specific issues by creating win-win partnerships “.

During the next few months, Fatture in 1 click will not participate directly in any event but has, however, been involved in sector events organized by some other partners producing specialized management systems or e-commerce, to give their customers a complete view of the solution.

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Author: Tudor Sava

25 Febbraio 2019