Flex Tax: interview with Fabio Pennella

Flex Tax is a Turin startup focused on the management of VAT accounting of the Forfeitory Regime. It recently joined the Fintech District community. Founder Fabio Pennella tells about its objectives and the latest news.

What is FlexTax doing?

FlexTax is a Suite that supports the accounting, administrative and financial management of SMEs. With FlexTax, you can get advice through dedicated professionals for accounting and tax returns. Manage your administration with applications such as tax simulators, billing systems, and management reports. Access to Fintech tools with the ability to send and receive payments or create wallets for tax provisions and management fees. One of the strengths of FlexTax is the possibility of having single access to use a suite of services and tools useful to the company, greatly simplifying the customer experience with significant savings of time and money.

The project was born 16 months ago in Turin and is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration where the experience and professionalism of accountants, consultants and developers converge. We are all united by the aim of simplifying the life of the owner of small and medium businesses and provide professional tools for its management.
We already have clients all over Italy. The platform is in rapid development. New tools and software applications are added every month. Soon, for example, will be active modules for billing and monitoring in real-time taxes and contributions, including those to be paid, counting advances and balances. In this way, for each invoice generated or registered, our users will always know what are the actual taxes amount to be paid.

How is your business developing?

In 2019 we focused exclusively on the VAT matches in the flat-rate scheme. From January we will extend the service to VAT matches in the simplified regime. During 2020 we will activate new services such as employee consulting and management, some legal services and in 2020 we will also start to activate the first Fintech services.

What do you expect from your entry into the FD community?

We joined the Fintech District because we believe it is the best place to exchange knowledge, build important partnerships and find a high-level experience that can support the growth of FlexTax.

What are your international goals?

We have structured the platform so that it can become a Services Market Place. In the future, we will be able to accelerate international scalability, even if for 2020 and 2021 our focus will be on the Italian market.

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Author: Tudor Sava

17 Dicembre 2019