Funding Hub, an alternative financing for the real estate sector

Funding hub is the first Italian company specialised in offering alternative finance to leading real estate developers. It allows real estate companies access to much more flexible forms of financing than traditional channels, usually represented by crowdfunding platforms and other types of so-called traditional investors.

“We specialise in selecting and evaluating only the best investment opportunities, and are able to do this thanks to a sophisticated evaluation process that we have developed over the past few years,” explains Niccolò Pravettoni, CEO of Funding Hub. “This is why different categories of investors rely on us for access to these high-investment opportunities they would otherwise be unable to find on the market.

Funding Hub started dealing with alternative financing in 2018 and in about 3 years it has already financed about 50 investment opportunities throughout Italy by disbursing more than 20 million euros which have allowed its investors to benefit from returns of double digits on an annual basis. “We are currently focusing on acquiring new professional investors, both Italian and international, and our goal is to raise over 100 million euros within the next three years,” Pravettoni announced.

Funding Hub has chosen a streamlined and highly efficient structure made up by a young team that has always been passionate about new technologies and aims to bring them into a traditional sector such as real estate. By also collaborating with highly qualified professionals with decades of experience, it is able to develop new skills in order to offer its investors an optimal service.

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Author: Tudor Sava

20 Ottobre 2021