Geek&Job: a new partnership at the service of the community

In recent months we have started a partnership with Geek&Job to support members of our community in finding the best tech talents for them as well as being able to enjoy favorable conditions compared to standard prices. Alessandro Volpato, cofounder and COO of Geek&Job tells us how this portal works and what benefits the members of the Fintech District will have thanks to the new alliance created.

What does Geek & Job do? when was it born?

Geek&Job is the first portal in Italy to search for tech talents, such as developers, web designers, data scientists, UX / UI developers. It was born at the beginning of 2017, as a spinoff of another job search portal. Since then it has been growing rapidly and its community of tech talents to date has almost 9K candidates.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Fintech District?

We have chosen to start a partnership with the Fintech District because we believe that the fintech sector is one of the most dynamic in Italy and in Europe, having brought technology and innovation in a specific field – the financial one – which has not seen changes take place until the new startups. This has led to a strong increase in the demand for tech talents from fintech companies. Moreover, having followed the activities of Fintech District since its inception, we believe it is now consolidating as one of the reference points in Italy for innovation, not just financial.

What goals does this partnership have?

It aims to support members of the Fintech District in quickly identifying and connecting to the tech talents best suited to them, with favorable terms compared to our standard prices. We also aim to collaborate directly with some members to develop a screening tool based on the most commonly used tech figures in the fintech field, which can be used during the research. This would serve to efficiently deepen the skills and motivation of the various candidates, in order to facilitate the selection of companies that will use Geek & Job.

What do you expect from this new collaboration?

We expect to get to know many innovative and promising realities with which we hope to start a collaboration. At the same time, we hope to start a solid relationship with Fintech District, on which we can then build together services, initiatives and events to help the whole community to know and deal effectively with the tech labor market that today is definitely one of the most difficult.

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Author: Tudor Sava

5 Settembre 2018