How NEUROMARKETING can propel a FINTECH business

Enrico Morandi, founder of MIND:IN, spoke about the power of neuromarketing to the
Fintech District community during a lively and populated mentorship session. We asked him
to share his knowledge and experience also in an interview dedicated to the fintech sector.
Enjoy reading it!

Neuromarketing: can you give us a definition to convince us that it is not a marketing

Neuromarketing is a discipline that makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of
measuring communication
and marketing possible through the direct measurement of
emotions and basic processes linked to purchasing decisions.
It stems from the convergence of the most recent neuroscientific and brain image research,
traditional marketing and consumer psychology, and therefore operates on a solid basis.

What advantages does this discipline offer? What tools/opportunities does it offer?

It aims to assess what happens in people’s brains in response to marketing stimuli related to
products, brands or advertising. In fact, the techniques on which neuromarketing research is
based make it possible to verify with greater precision the variation of the emotional
condition determined by marketing stimuli thanks to the analysis of psychophysiological
indicators correlated with emotional states, assuming that this can help companies to
determine a greater involvement of their target audience.

How can it be exploited by an innovative startup?

It can be the basis of any marketing and communication choice. The design of a website can
integrate user experience processes with neuromarketing measurements. Images and texts
are undoubtedly more effective when verified with these techniques. Not to mention the
entire Customer Experience, which becomes more relevant in terms of channels and modes
of engagement. It is precisely an innovative startup that should forget the usual marketing
methods and start from its customers and design and reason around them – or rather, their

What are the first steps in approaching neuromarketing?

There are many courses and books. To get a general idea of the techniques and
specificities, one book above all needs mentioning: “Neuromarketing, communication and
consumer behaviour”
by Vincenzo Russo.

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Author: Tudor Sava

15 Novembre 2021