HubSpot Marketing Hub: Onboarding for startups

The objective of a startup that is being set up in this period is certainly to create a solid base of profiled and qualified contacts: a real and impactful resource for tomorrow’s business. There are different strategies and ways to achieve your current and future business goals, but one thing is certain: you can’t ignore digital marketing.

Compared to classic advertising – or outbound – for the same investment, inbound marketing can bring more results and build solid foundations for the future. In order to make more profit from this type of activity, it is necessary to build a growth path and use highly efficient tools.

It is from these assumptions that the collaboration between Fintech and Delmonte is born: to combine experience and specialized knowledge with HubSpot, a leading all-in-one software in the inbound marketing sector.

Why choose Hubspot? Because, in addition to the completeness and number of its features, it boasts a series of economic advantages for startups.

Marketing onboarding

Onboarding is a complete package designed to help startups get the most out of Hubspot. Onboarding, in collaboration with Fintech+Delmonte, consists of three parts:

  1. A setup phase of the platform,
  2. The creation of a training plan for the staff,
  3. On-the-job assistance for the entire duration of the contract.

HubSpot Marketing Hub: features and advantages

HubSpot’s core is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Marketing Hub: a portal that allows you to manage all operations related to the lead generation from a single platform. Among the main and most important tools for the life of a startup we can find:

  • Form creation tool. The possibility to create conversion forms for data collection and subsequent contact profiling. These can be customized from the point of view of not only the required information but also the design. In addition, you can use these forms on sites built with any type of CMS;
  • Social media management tool. Here you can schedule posts on corporate social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also monitor the interactions with your posts;
  • Lead scoring tool. This score allows you to assess the proximity of a prospect at the time of purchase and his interest in your brand/company;
  • Contact lists management tool. Here you can create static and dynamic lists to segment your contacts according to the actions performed on the site, the characteristics traced within the CRM and the interactions with your brand;
  • Workflow tool. Here you can create and keep track of all the workflows you need to manage your contacts or to automate a series of emails or, generally speaking, communications. Think about it: when a contact reaches a high score, you can automatically pass it to the sales team and setting up a task such as “Contact new prospect”. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?
  • Reporting tool. You can keep track of the results achieved through this reporting tool: site performance, emails, CTAs, forms, and much more.

If we were able to intrigue you or, more simply, you would like more information about marketing onboarding with the Fintech + Delmonte team, contact us by writing to

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Author: Tudor Sava

23 Aprile 2020