HubSpot Sales Hub: Onboarding for startups

A startup is a reality with specific needs: on the one hand it needs to become known and win its share of the market, on the other hand it needs to create a base of contacts to work on when the initial sprint phase is over. In this path there is one main problem: the available budget not always allows to pursue all the business objectives.

You have to compromise: better awareness or better contacts? Inbound marketing, in this sense, turns out to be a cost-effective strategy that makes it possible to pursue both objectives simultaneously, even with reduced budgets. However, in order to make more profit from this kind of activity, it is necessary to build a growth path and use highly efficient tools.

It is from these assumptions that the collaboration between Fintech and Delmonte is born: to combine experience and specialized knowledge with HubSpot, a leading all-in-one software in the inbound marketing sector.

Why choose Hubspot? Because, in addition to the completeness and number of its features, it boasts a series of economic advantages for startups.

Sales onboarding

Onboarding is a complete package designed to help startups get the most out of Hubspot. Onboarding, in collaboration with Fintech District+Delmonte, consists of three parts:

  1. A setup phase of the platform,
  2. The creation of a training plan for the staff,
  3. On-the-job assistance for the entire duration of the contract.

HubSpot Sales Hub: features and advantages

HubSpot was born as a marketing software. Over the years, to meet the ever-changing needs of users, it has opened its doors to the Sales Hub, part of the platform dedicated to the needs of the sales team and which facilitates Smarketing (i.e. the alignment between marketing team and sales team). Among the main and most important tools for the life of a startup we can find:

  • Sales and deal pipeline creation tool: this tool helps you keep track of deals during the whole selling process. This way you can know at any time what the sales team is working on, what the lead closing rate is and what are the critical points to work on the most.
  • Sales automation: once the sales pipeline is created, there are several ways to manage it. You can leave it manually managed, or create workflows to automate it. With this tool you can automatically assign owners to deals or create deals within your sales pipeline.
  • Sequence: thanks to this tool it is possible to automate follow-up processes. In this way you do not run the risk of leaving a prospect in suspense or, even worse, forgetting about a new customer waiting for information.
  • Quotes and e-sign: you can create and manage contracts directly within the HubSpot Sales Hub with quote tool and electronic signature.
  • Reporting tool. You can keep track of the results achieved through this reporting tool: deal forecast, sales performance, number of calls, deal closed vs. goals, recent activity, and much more!

If we were able to intrigue you or, more simply, you would like more information about marketing onboarding with the Fintech + Delmonte team, please contact us:

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Author: Tudor Sava

30 Aprile 2020