INNOLVA: interview with CEO Valerio Zappalà

Innolva was born 5 years ago from the merging of two 30-year-old companies: Ribes and Assicom. Today, as CEO Valerio Zappalà explains, “it represents a pole of reference concerning credit management protection services in the field of business information”. It is part of the Tinexta group, owned by the Chamber of Commerce and listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, which includes more than 2000 people involved in innovation and development projects and is organised into four business units: cybersecurity, digital trust, credit information management and innovation & marketing.

Innolva mainly targets companies, public administrations, professionals and financial institutions by providing comprehensive information that feeds rating and scoring models, value-added services in credit management, anti-money laundering and real estate.

Our strengths are skills, technology and professionalism,” explains Zappalà. “Recently we have also developed a proprietary alternative scoring model that also takes into account alternative and non-financial assessment elements, intercepting so-called weak signals and allowing assessments of all types of companies and ensuring best-in-class performance.

With a strong focus on the value of data, Innolva works every day to create alternative solutions that allow its clients to focus on the evolution of their business through reliable tools, information and processes for everyday decision-making. The monitoring of risk and credit positions, for example, can count on highly technological and innovative services based on artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms that allow us to monitor and anticipate possible default positions,” says Zappalà. “This is why we are constantly looking for innovative partners who will allow us to embark on a path of open innovation. At the moment we are analysing areas such as payment performance or alternative valuation models linked to environmental, social and governance ESG issues.

Innolva looks at fintech with interest because “data is at the heart of business and technology, and in this sector these two areas come together in an innovative and virtuous logic. In the world of technology, the only constant is change, which is why we look to the fintech world to seize all those moments of technological discontinuity that allow us to take a step forward in the design and creation of solutions in our society. The fintech ecosystem will help us achieve our mission “close to those who look far ahead”.

The companies that collaborate with Innova, as its CEO explains, will be able to develop their creativity and expertise. The company in the Fintech District ecosystem, as a corporate member will provide its expertise, analytics technology and data for credit management. Billions of data points on millions of people, companies and properties will be made available to create models of use and evaluation,” concludes Zappalà. “Strong skills will be made available to read and interpret that information, and we will be at the side of all those companies that want to share this path with us in a virtuous and innovative way”.

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Author: Tudor Sava

29 Settembre 2021