Invest T as it grows thinks about increasingly green projects

Invest T is an online real estate Platform with the aim to connect investors and operators to participate to common projects investing small or large amounts of capital, as they prefer. It works on concept of Group (called The Crowd) in which each person decides to collaborate on one specific project. They work toghether with same goals as they were winning team. We interviewed co-founder Francesco Perino who explains more about how Invest T works and what its goals are.

How does Invest T work in practice?

We start a real estate transaction with a specific deadline. Those who choose to believe this investment also choose to put money into the project. Once the money collection has been completed and entire objective has been reached, every investor who join, will recive a specific ROI according to this operation. Our Platform operates from a sustainable and transparent prospective; we work to create “an investor’s family” to belive in and to work with, that is to grow toghether. We want to achive tangible goals, to bring a profit to each participant of our crowdfunding project. We join forces of many small lenders to gain concrete objectives building a sustainable auto real estate investment circle.

In which step of growth are you? And what is your next step?

We are young but we are starting to become well known on Big Marketplace. With our background obtained thanks to several years in fintech and real estate sector, we have established many significant collaborations and we don’t want to stop growing.
We are aware that the road for gaining authority and trust is a challanging way, but this is an incentive for us. We understand very well our skills and our means, so we are sure to reach all goals in time. Among all future projects we are considering a lot of different alternatives, for example the creation of a Platform dedicated App or the constitution of an open “Gold Group” only for interested financiers. Gold Group will allow them to access to dedicated operations with advantages in ROI and the priority to be involved to every real estate project opportunity.

Have you ever done or would you like to do Open Innovation projects? With what kind of subjects?

We don’t exclude the possibility of going deeper with specialized on Zero Impact design and building companies, in the future. We’ll start with an analysis helping us to actively collaborate to support sustainable sector because it’s interesting but also it’s required for the future of our planet. What does it mean practically? It means that Invest T could host an internal special area only to finance “green” projects.

Your Team: how many people, what kind of profile, and where they work.

We are 4 internal Partners and as many external collaborators with different skills. Mostly we work on North of Italy, Lombardia, Veneto and Emilia Romagna but we can operate with investments across the peninsula. With the Platform we can involve online investors and create a team to work together from all italian regions, the South too. This is the strength of this real estate crowdfunding project.

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Author: Tudor Sava

9 Febbraio 2021