Is bitcoin the digital equivalent of gold?

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The Digital Gold Institute is an R&D excellence center for teaching, training, consulting, and advising about scarcity in the digital domain, which is bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology. It considers bitcoin as the digital equivalent of gold. If one considers the role of physical gold in the history of civilization, money, and finance, then it is clear how disruptive its digital equivalent could be in our digital civilization and the future of money and finance.

Among its current partners, DIG has consulting firms such as Prometeia and Deloitte, a lobbying group on crypto-assets such as CryptoValues, it also has a joint venture with the Milano-Bicocca University known as Crypto Asset Lab. This fintech addresses the entire industrial, institutional, and corporate world: if they do not have a solid understanding of bitcoin and crypto-asset yet, it helps them with an orientation roadmap and a journey to robust awareness.

DIG was self-founded, it was born from our professional as well as economic efforts. However, founders have now received a purchase offer that they are evaluating and that they could accept in the coming months.


The partners the team hopes to get in touch with, also through Fintech District, are of the kind we have been already working with: financial and insurance groups, asset management funds and regulators. These are the partners who benefit the most from our contribution: with DIG they can increase their understanding of bitcoin and crypto-assets.


In the team, there are people in their fifties, like me, who are the top senior, but also people about 30 years old, so the resulting average age is probably about 35-40 years old. Right now, the background is very technical and technological: there are people with master’s degrees in physics, mathematics, mathematical engineering, and computer science. There are also few people with master’s degrees in economics. They are always looking for brilliant people with a strong commitment, better if they have a technical background.

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Author: Tudor Sava

4 Febbraio 2020