Kellify: interview with Francesco Magagnini

Kellify is a startup whose distinctive character is artificial intelligence. It is a form of technology that can be used by anyone involved in investments to improve the predictive skills and transform goods that are sometimes typically illiquid such as art collectibles, vintage cars, raw materials or energy into alternative asset classes.

The company was born in mid-2017 and today has 16 people growing at the rate of 3 or 4 units per month thanks to the many women entrepreneurs who have chosen to join our team and play the most disparate roles: for instance products, data science, and marketing

Today Kellify is present both in Italy and in Sweden. CEO and Founder Francesco Magagnini tells us that in the early part of 2019 they will open an office in New York “to facilitate entry into the American market and to continue the talent acquisition strategy in the best global hubs”.

Magagnini has just returned from New York after taking part in Transform New York, a global innovation event. At the end of January, he will be at the Paris Fintech Forum and will take part in all the events of the Fintech District scheduled for the coming months

Kellify actually entered the Fintech District community in the Fall, an important step, according to Magagnini, “to enter into the heart of Italian and European fintech and take advantage of moments of aggregation and sharing with startup institutions and scale-up in the fintech sector.”

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Author: Tudor Sava

14 Dicembre 2018