Lendix: interview with Sergio Zocchi, CEO

Lendix is the first Italian platform to have access to the guarantee fund to reduce the risk of lending operations. “This tool allows us to have an even more competitive offer to companies and to reduce the cost of access to credit for SMEs” according to Sergio Zocchi, CEO of Lendix Italy, who emphasizes that “this is an extremely important result for Lendix, for which we have worked hard in the last few months”.

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Lendix is a lending platform for SMEs through which Spanish, Italian and French companies can apply for funding to a community of investors who directly offer their savings or capital raised to support the real economy. Launched in France three years ago, Lendix in 2017 expanded its activities in Spain and also in Italy “where there is a contraction of credit available to businesses – explains Zocchi – Here the economic situation of SMEs depends strongly on bank credit and there is the need to offer new financial channels, in order to diversify”.

In the Italian market, Lendix achieved important goals in just under a year providing more than EUR 15 million to Italian companies with more than 30 transactions. “Becoming the first Italian platform to have access to the guarantee fund to reduce the risk of lending operations, now we are able to offer great benefits to our lenders and businesses”.

lendix Zocchi

For Lendix, the participation in the Fintech District “is very important for the collaboration with the Italian Fintech community”. Zocchi considers it “a point of aggregation, an extremely important instrument to foster the dialogue within the community and towards all the stakeholders, the institutions and the subjects who are interested in fintech. All the initiatives carried out by the Fintech District involve the main operators: it is really becoming the centre of attraction of the activities and initiatives of the fintech Italian ecosystem”.

Looking at the international scene, Zocchi tells that, till today (April 2018), Lendix has provided a total of EUR 180 million to more than 400 SMEs in Italy, Spain and France, “bringing significant financial resources directly to the real economy, helping companies to diversify their sources of financing and to access alternative channels for their development projects”.

The approach of this French Fintech platform consists in providing an offer the broadest possible, covering all sectors and dimensions, for projects that have also very different durations. “The recent opening in Germany and the Netherlands provides even more opportunities for choice”, Zocchi points out, adding that “from the latest analysis of the behaviour of its investors, we noticed that there is a good readiness to invest even outside the national borders in order to diversify”.

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2 Maggio 2018