Machine Learning and gender gap: what can we do?

Last week in the second round of our “Talking Heads” format we hosted the WiMLDS community to talk about machine learning and data science. We have discovered how these themes can influence the present and future of the fintech sector. It was also an opportunity to deepen the activities of this reality that has just started writing its Milanese chapter and is also open to collaborations and initiatives also shared with interested companies and startups and that share its mission.

Here is the interview with the two referents of WiMLDS Milan,Claudia Volpetti and Carlotta Orsenigo, speakers at the meeting together with Katarina Milosevic (Generali)

Machine learning in finance and banking: 3 examples of already existing applications and one that you are looking at

Machine learning plays a prominent role in several financial applications from trading, where complex algorithms are used to optimize trading decisions, to credit scoring, with the aim of predicting the creditworthiness of individuals or companies, and fraud detection, to identify new potential security risks.

Which activities would you like to carry out in the Milan area (meetings, workshops …)?

WiMLDS (Women in Machine Learning and Data Science) is an international community of women interested in machine learning and data science. The WiMLDS Milan Chapter, the first Italian chapter of the community, was established at the beginning of 2018 as a local Meetup group in Milan as the Italian reference point of the international WiMLDS community which currently counts 25 chapters spread all over the world. WiMLDS Milan’s mission is to create opportunities for women interested in machine learning and data science as well as engage in technical and professional conversations in a positive, supportive environment by hosting talks, technical workshops, networking events and hackathons. WiMLDS Milan is organized by Claudia Volpetti and Carlotta Orsenigo who are members of the Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics research group at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. On the meetup page “Milan Women in Machine Learning and Data Science” you can find updates on the forthcoming events and meetings.

How can you contact a fintech company that wants to commit itself to decreasing the gender gap in the sector? What actions can it take? What would you propose to do in a joint collaboration with you?

Companies interested in WiMLDS events can join us on the MeetUp community or contact directly the organizers Claudia Volpetti and Carlotta Orsenigo at Politecnico di Milano. Companies can support initiatives by hosting meetings, workshops and technical sessions or helping WiMLDS in organizing hackathons related to the machine learning and data science domains.

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Author: Tudor Sava

21 Settembre 2018