Our mentorship program begins! Pietro Novelli explains the Strategic Hiring process

mentorship program NovelliDuring the spring we announced the beta version of our Mentorship program, now that summer is almost here, we can already unveil the first date, the mentor, the theme covered and many reasons why it is necessary to deepen knowledge of it. On the 28th of June, Pietro Novelli, director and Italian Country Manager of Oliver James Associates, will hold the first session of the Fintech District’mentorship program focusing on Strategic Hiring. The title of the meeting – “Talent attraction: how to plan, execute and succeed in your headcount growth” – recalled several startups of our community who are particularly interested in the topic

In truth all are, or should be, because as Novelli explains “like any business, the success of a start-up is directly correlated to the success of its people strategies, which must prioritize talent determined to achieve the company’s vision and mission. Attracting, retaining and developing such individuals is becoming an increasingly strategic aspect of this market – yet one that poses a number of complexities and challenges”.

This meeting and the mentorship sessions that will follow (the second one is coming in July!) are one of the many initiatives that the Fintech District proposes in order to generate value for the Italian fintech ecosystem by spurring collaboration among its members, believing that only by leveraging the overall ecosystem competitiveness each member can eventually succeed

On top of recurring networking events, Fintech District organizes and hosts workshop on fintech-related topics (from ICOs to RegTech) as well as a private demo day for match-making Corporates and Fintechs.

This new mentorship program was specifically designed and implemented with the purpose of creating connections between professionals willing to share their knowledge and strengthening their skills by working on innovation topics, and Fintech startups/scaleups facing challenges down the road to success.

Pietro Novelli and all the mentors that we will unveil session after session have been chosen among top level professionals with the highest level of expertise on various topics that can deliver quality advice in order to ensure that support will be sent to the most relevant expertise.

“As an international recruitment firm with a prominent role in Milan’s Fintech District, Oliver James Associates is proud to support the mentorship of start-ups across this space – Novelli commented – We are happy to share our expertise, equipping the companies of tomorrow with the tools and knowledge they need today”.

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Author: Admin

13 Giugno 2018