The first Milan Fintech Summit is coming

On the 10th of December 2020, the first digital appointment of the Milan Fintech Summit will take place, in preparation for the second event in presence on the 4th and 5th of October 2021. Milan is champing at the bit to confirm its role as the capital of innovation with this international event dedicated to the future and evolution of financial services promoted and organized by Fintech District and Business International, with the support of Milano & Partners and the endorsement of ItaliaFintech.

The goal is to create business networking opportunities, strengthen the fintech culture and attract talents and investments in Italy, for a sector that has been growing well for a long time but in which there is still work to be done to reach other European countries such as the UK but also France and Germany, just to name a few.

The detailed programme of the Milan Fintech Summit will be presented on the 29th of September 2020 on the occasion of the third anniversary of the Fintech District, but we can already reveal that it is full of meetings and round tables dedicated to current trends and prospects for open innovation, with the presence of the most influential experts in the sector at both national and international level.

The absolute protagonists of the initiative will be the fintech companies, who can present their ideas, meeting investors, stakeholders and potential customers, but not only. The Milan Fintech Summit also aims to facilitate the development of new synergies because today collaboration with fintech companies represents a strategic opportunity for incumbents to develop new business models and remain competitive. This is why the entire business community will be involved from as early as December 2020 and in particular the C-Levels of the banking, financial and digital services, IT, cybersecurity and SME sectors.

It is now clear that in Italy too the future of financial services is Fintech and this is evident from the data: +27% year-on-year growth in the number of fintech startups and +30% annual growth in their turnover. The use of fintech services by the general public has grown by 54% YoY and it is expected that, in the next 4 years, the value of the sector will grow by 58% with 73,000 jobs generated.

It is also clear that Milan is the city where fintech grows and develops the most, as it is the city where 45% of the almost 300 fintech companies in Italy are located (of these, 56% are part of the Fintech District community) and has been chosen by the Bank of Italy to create a new Hub dedicated to fintech, to understand the market and to give impulse and coordination to the activities of the sector.

“The work done in recent years by Fintech District has contributed to the evolution of the sector and, also thanks to the constant relationship with local institutions, has made the city of Milan a point of reference – explains Alessandro Longoni, Head of Fintech District – Milan Fintech Summit aims to give a further boost for the growth of Italian fintech, to pool the efforts of all the players involved to consolidate the process undertaken and allow the sector to seize all its potential for systemic growth”.

“We are very happy to add ‘Milan Fintech Summit’ to our portfolio of events dedicated to the business world of the future – adds Carlo Antonelli, CEO of Fiera Milano Media – This consolidates the process traced in these years of constant attention to innovation in value creation processes and the fundamental need for life-long learning constantly aligned with the evolution of knowledge of today’s and tomorrow’s professionals”.

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Author: Tudor Sava

27 Luglio 2020