Digital identity verification technology & solutions by Mitek

Mitek is one of our technical partners who has joined the community to help them with their digital transformation. We let Mariona Campmany, Digital Identity and Innovation Lead at Mitek, tell us about her company’s activities and how they can help a fintech company.

What does Mitek do and who does it target?

Mitek is a global leader in digital identity verification solutions with more of 20 years of experience helping financial institutions and fintech’s. We help them to adapt their business into the digital world, what we call digital transformation, while prevent identity fraud and reduce operational costs.

What are the main services you offer?

Mitek Mobile Verify confirms the real-world identities of your digital user by authenticating ID Documents and simply asking for a selfie, Mobile verify quickly verify potential customers are who they say they are. Build by in-house scientists and identity document experts the components of mobile verifies are three:

  • The capture SDK, Mi Snap, enables an intuitive capture experienced that guides users in real time capture of the ID Document.
  • Next and thanks to AI technology we verify the authenticity of the documents
  • Once the document is proven real face comparison algorithms match the selfie with the photo of the document, including a liveness test to prevent spoofing, confirming that the user is the actual owner.

How can you support a company in the fintech sector? Do you have experience in this sector?

We say that the more the people trust your platform, the more they will us it. Identity verification establishes this foundation, so you can grow your digital channel while you mitigate risks and meeting regulations. In seconds we provide a quick smart and easy way to say yes to good customers. We have a large experience in the Financial and Fintech sector, with costumers across the globe. In Europe we have costumers in UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland and of course Italy.

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Author: Tudor Sava

22 Aprile 2021