Movenda at Salone dei Pagamenti with FD

Movenda S.p.A., a leading company in the field of Digital Identity and a member of the FIDO Alliance, will take part in the Salone dei Pagamenti as a guest of “Fintech goes to Italy”. Nicola d’Adduzio, Research Engineer & Software Developer, anticipates what will be presented from 7th to 9th November during this important event.

What does Movenda do?

Movenda provides a set of authentication methods for the user, aligned with the new requirements of the PSD2 and with the regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS). Strong Customer Authentication and Identity-management are just some of the areas in which Movenda has concentrated its investments. We imagine a future without complex passwords to remember and to change, a world in which “to prove who we are” will be something automatic.

What is your target?

Our solutions are dedicated to all those subjects (banks, companies, start-ups or financial intermediaries) who want to implement in their services a new paradigm of strong authentication based on biometrics and an extremely tested safety protocol, being continually revisited by the members of the alliance. Our protocol is extremely secure and makes the user experience more fluid and efficient because no password has to be remembered and typed out.
Movenda is also aimed at all those who need to make a cryptographic signature on any digital content. In fact, through asymmetric key cryptography, the requirement of non-repudiation for the confirmation of a transaction can be easily reached.

Why did you decide to participate in the Salone dei Pagamenti?

Because we believe in technological innovation as being part of a positive change in the world, in simplifying and speeding up our daily actions generated by technological innovation, especially those connected to our digital identities. We believe that our solutions can be interesting for the Fintech sector because they improve and make the user’s authentication more secure through biometrics and the confirmation of a transaction through a cryptographic signature.

How will you be present?

We will introduce the Fintech sector to a safety standard that is rapidly catching on in the American and Asian markets. The protocol we are talking about is the one proposed by FIDO (“Fast IDentity Online”) Alliance, an alliance formed by banking institutions (Bank of America and ING Group), e-commerce (Amazon, Alibaba Group), world leaders in the market credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express) and the main tech giants (Google and Microsoft).
Our Egomet FIDO® server is one of the first FIDO® Server products certified by FIDO Alliance in Europe. FIDO authentication solutions offer many benefits to IT providers, companies and service providers including: improved user experience, confirmed transactions through cryptographic signature and reduced fraud risk

What do you expect from this experience?

This will be the first Fintech event in which we take part in Italy after having taken part in the Money2020 in Amsterdam. We hope to make ourselves known and appreciated by the Fintech District and by the realities that will participate in the event. Our goal is also to make the FIDO protocol known to as many realities as possible so that we can build new scenarios and new business models together.

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Author: Tudor Sava

31 Ottobre 2018