New partnership between FD & Delmonte meaning new opportunities for the Community

Fintech District and Delmonte join forces to create a special service available to all startups in the fintech community. We asked Michele Albertini, Business Development Manager at Delmonte, to explain how the project was developed and what it is made up of.

What are your inbound activities, in particular those related to Hubspot?

Del Monte is a Digital Marketing Agency, HubSpot Platinum Partner. Our activity can be summed up in a few words: we design and implement Sales & Marketing data-driven projects. To achieve the desired results and to work in this direction, we select the best technologies available on the market. As for Inbound Marketing projects, we have chosen the worldwide leading platform: HubSpot. An Inbound Marketing project for startups is fundamental in a strategic vision where the goal is either the acquisition of a customer base or the creation of a profiled and qualified community. Inbound marketing allows creating, over time, solid and lasting relationships that represent a fundamental asset for the company. As Hubspot points out “Inbound it’s a method to attracting, engaging, and delighting people that provides value, and builds trust”. HubSpot was created with the aim of providing an enabling technological solution to Inbound Marketing projects. HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform is built to help you implement inbound and grow better. It’s all powered by the same database, so everyone in your organization — Marketing, Sales & Services — is working off the same system of record. This allows for a smoother handoff between Marketing, Sales & Services, and a more delightful experience for your customers.

What is the partnership with the Fintech District?

Thanks to our experience in numerous inbound marketing projects, also for young startups, we decided to create together with Fintech District a package of onboarding services for the three HubSpot Hubs: Marketing, Sales and Service.

Who needs it and why?

Onboarding is a complete package that allows Startups to use the platform in a short time bringing concrete results. Onboarding is made up of three parts:

  1. A setup phase of the platform,
  2. The creation of a training plan for the staff,
  3. On-the-job assistance for the entire duration of the contract.

The platform is rich in features, and the risk of “getting lost” or not getting the most out of it is pretty high. In this sense, we can talk to startups, understand their needs and bring our best practices to achieve tangible results in a short period of time.

If we were able to intrigue you or, more simply, you would like more information about HubSpot onboarding with the Fintech District+ Delmonte team, contact us

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Author: Tudor Sava

16 Aprile 2020