OCS & Crispy Bacon, together to innovate

When synergies are born within our community we are the first to want to talk about them and this is exactly what we are going to do with the collaboration created between the OCS corporate member and fintech Crispy Bacon. We will thus leave the floor to the two protagonists, Valentina Cianci, Head of Sales & Marketing OCS, and Marco Volpe, Co-founder and Head of Sales of Crispy Bacon.

How did was your collaboration come about?

Cianci (OCS) : Collaboration with Crispy Bacon was born from a contact created by the Fintech District to whom OCS turned to during the remake of its front end applications. We were looking for a young and innovative company that could give a new image to our front end and,therefore, make it not only new from the technological point of view,but also from the point of view of style and image. Not having these skills in house, it seemed to us an excellent opportunity, as Fintech District’s corporate member, to take advantage of the relationships it has with innovative businesses and ask them to suggest us some potential partners. That’s how we met Marco and his team who are giving us various types of advice but especially the UI and UX of our new front end.

Volpe (Crispy Bacon): The collaboration with OCS has been for us a lightning bolt in the sky. It was born thanks to the Fintech District network that contacted us and told us that a company of the Community was looking for services like the ones we offered. We gave our consent to know meeting them and deepen our knowledge. From there we discovered that they were OCS; we met them and understood our services could actually meet the needs of this potential client. So we started a collaboration, a partnership that has now lasted eight months. Collaborating with a big company like OCS for us is certainly a challenge within a challenge because our goal has always been to work with big companies and participate in big projects presenting our values: transparency and technological innovation. OCS,from this point of view,has turned out to be an excellent experience because the project they submitted us is one of huge dimensions so again it was a challenge within a challenge. The most interesting part was collaborating in a project that had already started and in which we had to focus vertically on one part only – we had to integrate with the corporate structure and all the various components that were part of the project.

Do you have in mind or have you already done other Open Innovation projects?

Cianci (OCS): Within its technological roadmap OCS already provides a large program of collaboration with new and innovative businesses such as Crispy bacon, through collaborations in partnership or through the acquisition of companies or shareholdings in companies. This allows us to quickly and very solidly enrich the pool of our skills and our products therefore enabling an increasingly richer offer to our customers and particularly in line with the rapid evolutions that our market is experiencing. Specifically, during 2020 we completed a very important project for us enabling landing services thanks to the new API architecture we have built on one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world. We are very proud of this first step and above all it is an element that shows that the innovation path we have undertaken is absolutely solid and functional to the development of our customers’ business.

Volpe (Crispy Bacon): Crispy Bacon was born with the goal of being an innovative company. Every project we create, past, present and hopefully future, has a strong character of open innovation. If I had to take a picture of the current situation I would say that we are trying to push mobile innovation a lot, both from the point of view of framework and from the point of view of new features and new ways to interact with mobile applications. We are working a lot in the field of customer services developing projects related to customer support that allow operators to follow the customer step by step during his journey in the mobile app thus allowing the operator to interact with the customer’s monitor,giving useful information for the completion of tasks and in the most explicit cases allowing also to act in first person on the customer’s device to solve problems. All this is done with the aim of improving the user experience and increasing the perceived quality of the service.

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Author: Tudor Sava

16 Novembre 2020