OpenAI: interview with Gennaro Calì

OpenAI has joined the Fintech District community to grow and become one of the leading players in the industry. Gennaro Calì talks about the activities and projects of this startup.

What does OpenAI do?

OpenAI is a company that builds and develops artificial intelligence solutions. Through virtual advanced 3d assistants, easily integrated via API in internal systems of companies and thanks to powerful management of big data, it allows for incredible customer experience. These solutions in fintech facilitate the achievement of objectives such as centrality and customization of the offer through a series of insights and analysis of the behavior of the end customer. A set of data also helps to optimize processes, reduce costs and create a competitive advantage over other players.

What are your most recent projects?

The most recent news regarding open Ai is without doubt the arrival among the finalists of the Auriga Fintech Award and the creation of a new solution supporting social media management and content management through artificial intelligence with a specific focus on the automation of lead generation. This helps get more customers to our customers

Why did you choose to join the Fintech District community?

Open AI has become part of the Fintech District because we believe that their community, services, and team are an excellent and fundamental partner to share, grow and seize opportunities in a market in which OpenAI wants to be a protagonist.

What are your internationalization goals?

In the context of internationalization, given the consolidation and visibility that we are obtaining at a national level, we are looking at other interesting markets in addition to European ones. For example, those of the Arab Emirates and the Asian part. We are also evaluating potential partnerships in the USA.

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Author: Tudor Sava

13 Gennaio 2020