Performoney, an editorial push for the growth of fintechs

Performoney is a technical partner of the Fintech District, created to help fintechs grow. It is solely dedicated to fintechs in order to better meet the needs of those operating in this specific sector. We asked Nicola Costanzo, Co-Founder, to tell us more about how Performoney operates and what it offers to the fintech world.

When was Performoney born and with what mission?

Performoney was born in the autumn of 2019 which makes quite a young company, but our team is formef by people who have an average of 15 years of experience in the digital field and in particular in performance marketing. As is always the case ,when while creating a new company, we realised there was a market need that was not being met, so we decided to create Performoney. We noticed that fintechs need to acquire a large volume of customers but they have very specific characteristics that make it very difficult for multi-sector companies to understand these last and to, therefore, understand the problems and find solutions. We decided to create performoney by focusing only on fintechs in order to identify their needs and thus help them acquire new customers online.

What services do you offer and to which target group?

Speaking of fintechs, there is also a technological component. We also have a proprietary technology with a predictive algorithm that creates a channel to create leads and sales to fintechs. We create a private partner network, a pool of publishers selected by our algorithm, for each of our clients. These publishers will create user traffic for fintech platforms or sites through promotional articles. This private panel network has a number of advantages, one of which is that we make available the leads of financial publishers, and secondly we are able to influence users throughout their purchasing decision path. Since we have a performance-based model that pays only for the conversions we bring in, we don’t represent a risk for fintechs who will only pay for the results they actually get.

What kind of help can fintechs like those in our community find in you?

We are a strategic partner for fintechs because we help them develop fundamental metrics in the areas of acquisition and activation and, more generally, marketing metrics through to revenue. All this with an almost zero-risk, pure performance remuneration model, therefore based on cost per sale.

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Author: Tudor Sava

24 Marzo 2021