Premoneo and its AI engine for fintech and insurance

Premoneo is a company specialising in the development of custom artificial intelligence solutions to support companies in strategic forecasting and segmentation activities. Starting from the data provided by clients, and depending on their depth, it uses different types of mathematical and statistical models and as well as also artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning to analyse demand in real time and to be able to understand changes in customer behaviour.

The ultimate goal is to maximise the client’s profits. “What differentiates us from other companies is that we combine both human capital and our technology to ensure that our clients receive comprehensive support to maximise their results,” explains Marco Alò, CFO & Co-founder of Premoneo, saying that going further to explain that “for us, the pandemic has been a real watershed. Previously, Premoneo was focused on two markets, crowd and ticketing, offering dynamic pricing solutions, but in recent months it has created a new engine to support clients in new markets such as retail, banking and insurance and even energy. Through our engine you can better understand your customers by analysing the probability of abandonment, and their value over time and then create targeted offers on different products,” explains Alò. “Thanks to this new engine and this expansion of markets we have reached a pre- Covid level of turnover.

Most of Premoneo’s pricing projects are part of a broader innovation and digital transformation projects involving a variety of players including strategic consultancies and technology providers. Success requires collaboration between the various players involved, and our software allows for the integration of the various technological solutions in order to get the solution on the ground and allow the project to succeed,” adds Alò. “In this sector too.We are looking for opportunities in this sector also in where which we can make our technology available to improve the offering to the end customer.”

Premoneo’s three founders are all under the age of 35 and have heterogeneous skills: Federico Quarato is a professional journalist specialising in corporate communications in the financial sector, Massimo Dell’Erba, CTO, he is a software engineer and one of the experts in artificial intelligence in Italy. Marco Alò has a background as an analyst at MedioBanca. This trio is supported by a team with complementary skills ranging from data analysis to modelling and programming.

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Author: Tudor Sava

15 Settembre 2021