Recrowd, the real estate crowdfunding according to Gianluca De Simone

Recrowd is an innovative startup that was founded in October 2018 to offer savers an alternative way for investing their savings by digitizing and simplifying the investment process through lending crowdfunding and using an easy-to-understand asset such as real estate. Through this platform we offer people the opportunity to invest in real estate even if they do not have large capital, lending their money at a rate defined in advance. On the other hand, we offer companies operating in the real estate sector a fast and secure solution to raise funds and easily manage all the bureaucracy related to the individual real estate project.

Recrowd works mainly with companies operating in Italy and offers them 4 types of projects to present to investors on the platform. “These types differ in risk, minimum capital, duration and return. In order to make the most of investors’ capital and to adapt as much as possible to their risk profiles – explains Gianluca De Simone, CEO of Recrowd – we are also the first real estate crowdfunding platform to have included personalized negotiations that allows the negotiation of the rate at which money is lent between the company that proposes the project and the investor user registered on the platform”.

To finance the activities of the first 4 months Recrowd launched an equity crowdfunding campaign in March 2019 with which it raised 418 thousand euros selling 12% of the company shares. “This allowed us to put together an under-30 team of 6 people who interface with the company’s contacts every day in order to better structure all the processes related to the crowdfunding campaigns that will then be presented on our platform – explains De Simone – We have placed ourselves in a fast growing market with the right timing. Investors on our platform are growing monthly and we are increasingly aware of, and confident, in the possibilities that crowdfunding offers in this sector. We are still at the beginning but conditions are more than good”.

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Author: Tudor Sava

23 Luglio 2020