ReLender: interview with Francesco Marella

ReLender is the first crowdlending platform for financing conversion projects. It covers all industrial, real estate, ecological and digital transformation projects. The reconversion crowdfunding formula is a specific adaptation of digital fundraising systems to reconversions and combines civic crowdfunding and crowdfunding lending.

In the first case, the financed projects bring a direct benefit to the local community, generating a positive social, economic or environmental impact. The second is more traditional and financial in nature: it rewards investments (made in the form of loans) in support of the initiative that is the subject of the fundraising campaign. For companies, ReLender is an innovative tool for effective financial support to companies, for lenders, it is a new form of democratization of investment, accessible to all and which can also be accessed with sums starting from € 50.

The entrepreneurial group to which ReLender belongs has been involved in the construction of real estate for over 3 generations. Francesco Marella, the founder, explains “we wanted to experience first hand the real estate crowdfunding with two different realities to finance real estate projects with solid guarantees and offer an attractive return to the hundreds of investors who have chosen to support us. Thanks to these experiences, we decided to expand the paradigm from the platform sector to create a set of highly diversified products that share the same objective of financing, conversion, and that generate positive outcomes for the project stakeholders”.

ReLender is an Italian platform but the technology and design are Spanish and also the payment system chosen. It operates in Milan and Madrid, it is available only in Italian, but the Spanish and English versions will debut soon.
To present ReLender, an event will be organized in September in Milan and then in Rome. The team of this fintech will take part in the most important events in the sector such as the Bank Forum, the IT Forum and the Payments Fair.

Some of the team members had already participated in the Fintech District community in their previous work experiences exploiting the possibility of creating synergies with the actors of the ecosystem. “That’s why we joined the team, convinced that it represents an incredible opportunity to facilitate collaboration between companies and start-ups. – explains Marella – We have also chosen to create our headquarters in the structure of via Sassetti 32 in Milan to have the opportunity to take advantage of networking opportunities and make ReLender grow thanks to the driving force of a network with great skills such as Fintech District”

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Author: Tudor Sava

16 Luglio 2019