Risolvi il tuo Debito: a name, a promise

Risolvi il tuo Debito is a company that addresses a specific target group of people who want to but are no longer able to pay their debts. Therefore, agreements with the relevant credit institutions lapse. 

Risolvi intervenes by getting to know each customer and his situation individually. 

Using Machine Learning and Big Data tools, it develops a savings programme that will get customers out of over-indebtedness. 

At the same time, while clients are following the programme, Risolvi il tuo Debito contacts their respective creditors and, through their versatile tools, they reach agreements that satisfy both parties.

The first operation was set up in Mexico in 2009 in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis, that affected much of the global economy. They stepped in to help people who were over-indebted and realised that these people were not only over-indebted because of the crisis, but also because of bad economic education.  

This system has so far led Risolvi il tuo Debito to 400,000 clients worldwide and to resolving 300,000 debts

How is the company growing nowadays?

We talked about it with Piero Pietropinto, Consulting Team leader at Risolvi il Tuo Debito.


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Author: federica Dell'unto

10 Novembre 2022