Selfrent and its new digital platform Difrently

Renting is a service designed to help companies innovate and equip themselves with technologies to run their business in a sustainable and flexible way by choosing to “use” instead of “purchase”.

Selfrent has created a new digital rental platform named Difrently to allow individual companies and SMB customers to finalize rental contracts in real time, choosing from a catalogue with thousands of assets.
Difrently stands for a “different way of renting”, an omni-channel digital service for B2B customers based on ecommerce. 

Selfrent relies on 3 strategic pillars to make a complex process simple through an innovative customer Journey from asset search to contract signing: 

  • Simple: it’s a straightforward renting experience.
  • Affordable: it is a small monthly fee for all desired products.
  • Fast: it is possible to subscribe the rental contract in 5 minutes. 

How does it work?
Let’s find it out with Giuliano Gaviraghi, Co-Founder at Selfrent.


Author: federica Dell'unto

15 Novembre 2022